Hotel Rovno,Vidin
Hotel Rovno is ideally located and easy accessible from all entrances of the city. The hotel is also perfectly positioned for Vidin’s cultural and historical sightseeing places, as well next to the river Danube.

Hotel Rovno, which has always been one of the symbols for hospitality is completely renovated and reopens again, to offer all contemporary needs and desires of its guests with European level of service.

The Hotel offers stunning, panoramic views of the river Danube and the city centre.

About Vidin
Vidin is a port town, situated on the southern bank of the Danube, in one of the most beautiful spots of the river. For its geographical situation, the town is considered for the door of Bulgaria to Europe.

Today, the old metropolis of Vidin offers to its guests a possibility to get known to the cultural heritage from different historical periods: the medieval fortress Baba Vida- the only one well-preserved in the country, Krastata Kazarma (the Cross-Shaped Barracks of 1798) ...

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